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Lip and cheek tints, yay or nay?

Lip and cheek tints, yay or nay?


Lip and cheek tints, yay or nay?

You want that natural dewy look but don’t know how to achieve it? If you’re still wondering whether lip and cheek tints are something you should try, you’ve come to the right place! Mana Beauty is the first to introduce lip and cheek tints in Pakistan and as the pioneer of tints, it only makes sense for us to depart our knowledge to you!

So how are tints different from cream or powder blush?

A healthy flush on the cheeks is what every girl aspires for and there are various methods of achieving that look. You can do that with a cream blush, a powder blush or a tint. Let’s talk about each of these and how they’re different.

Powder blush absorbs excess oil and is great for oily skin, it blends easily and lasts long when applied over foundation. However, if applied in access, it can give a dry cakey look.

With Cream blushes, you can build on colour and they are easy to manage. In comparison to powder blush, they are relatively more natural looking but the colours are more on the subtle side.

Tints are water-based and hydrating in nature. They retain much more colour giving your skin a nice pop. As the name suggest, they work as a stain - temporarily staining your skin with colour. They are also organic and do not have any chemicals or preservatives.  

Tints give the illusion of your flush coming from within as opposed to blush being applied to your skin and giving a more outward flush look – this is why tints in appearance are most natural.

There’s more to why tints are our go-to choice.. We’ll tell you!

They’re easily blendable and seamlessly sink into the skin without giving you a powdery finish.

Tints are formulated in a way that mimic the same skin-like texture. They are also light as they are water-based and sit more comfortably on the surface of the skin preventing blemishes that cream or powder blush may cause. Top it off with the most natural dewy look and you are honestly set for the day!

How should tints be applied?

Simple! Lift your mood and take a drop on the back of your hand.

You can use a cheek brush and use that to apply it on your cheeks, one at a time. Blending softly to achieve the flush you desire.

Or you can use the tapping technique - simply tap it in with your fingers and it will do the trick!

Tints can be applied under your foundation or on top of it, depending on the kind of look you’re aiming for. If you’re aiming for a more pronounced look, layer it on top of your foundation, whereas if you want something incredibly subtle, apply tint before your foundation.

If you’re wondering.. “Can we use lip tints on cheeks?”

Absolutely! Lip Tints are versatile. You can use them on your cheeks and you can apply them on your lips for a natural look. It goes both ways.

What’s our favourite part about tints?

They last! Tints are long lasting. They are generally smudge proof, long-wear and non-drying which is why we’ll always be the biggest advocates for it. You need to look your best, always!

What about the best tints? You go girl, we’ve got you covered!

Testament to our commitment to quality and class, we’ve taken our time to formulate some of the highest quality tint products. We are happy to share we have tints in four shades to match all your preferences! The best lip and cheek tints in Pakistan.

Rose Magic for a subtle dewy look.

This wild tint has a secret floral ingredient to give you the most gorgeous cheeks and lips. A hydrating blend of rose extract with zingy wild orange.

Pretty Peach for a natural tropical look.

This Coral Peach Blush Stain comes with gold hues to give you a topical look with a natural finish that leaves you looking exotic and it stays vibrant for hours. They weren’t wrong when they said look good, feel good.

Candy Pink for a loud and beautiful look.

Our candy-floral tint treats cheeks & lip to a natural pink dreamy glow. It instantly adds a juicy vibrancy to cheek & lip with a bright burst of color. It’s a see-through liquid semi-gel formula that can be topped up for a brighter pop-up color. It also beautifully blends on all complexions and skin types.


Wild Berry for a bold and fierce look.

This strong tint comes with the deep berry sheer color that stains your cheeks and lips into a wild flush. A finish that is both elegant and bold – making you look your best for hours.

Another bonus add to your list, our popular Dusky Beige Cheek and Lip Stain

This Deep beige tint comes with a hint of crimson colour to give you a classic enchanting. A finish that is attractive in a unique shade that only enhances your look.

All our tints contain hyaluronic acid ensuring they hydrate your skin. They are long-lasting and will easily last you for the entire day. They are suitable for oily to normal skin types. Our tints are organic with no chemicals added to them, making it one of the safest make-up products to apply on your skin. Sounds too good to be true?

See what some of our customers have to say!

Dive into the world of best tints in Pakistan, today – and be pleasantly surprised by the magic of tints – a must have as your daily make-up essential!

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