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Yes, you can cancel your within 24 hours after making the order or till the confirmation call, once fullfilment is confirmed or we we have shippped the parcel, than the customer will have to receive it or resend to us on our given address  (Return Expenses will be paid by customer)

Yes, certainly our products are unisex, they can be used to gain benefits of natural products.

It is not advised to be used by children of this age. As essential oils in our products may cause irritation in their eyes.

Yes, all our products are made with pure vegetable extracts and are totally vegan.

Yes, they are safe for pregnant women to use. Except for face creams and oils as they are high in content of essential oils. All other products are totally safe as the number of essential oils in those are mild level and safer to use.

Bliss balm face oils and moisturizers work very well on eczema. For dry eczema, a more comfortable and soothing daily moisturizer on daily basis is recommended. For weeping eczema, bliss balm is recommended as it soothes and keeps skin sealed and helps to heal. For dermatitis, bliss balm works well along with workaholic face oil, to maximise hydration and helps maintain the ph 5.5 level of the skin.

Our products are more cost-effective due to the purity of the ingredients. The fresh batch is made on daily basis, enriched with essential oils and pure kinds of butter.

Geranium and camomile shampoo is ideal for dry hair and scalp; you could use it with our conditioner to get maximum benefit.

Brilliance bounce shampoo gives volume and cleanses oily scalp, while keeping your hair colour balanced too.

Energy boost shampoo is excellent to soothe and smooth the frizzy hair while repairing the damaged hair.

Sweet orange and rosemary shampoo helps the growth and repairs the scalp and roots.

Forever young face serum helps to hydrate and keep your skin moisturised all day long.

Be bright vitamin C serum is ideal for oily skin.

Happy hair is a hair treatment mask for dry hair, do not use it on the scalp.

Roots signature blend is excellent to help grow hair and keeps your scalp healthy, treats dandruff.

Angel glow is excellent for pigmentation.

Lovelight day cream has 30 SPF and is ideal for daily wear while helping pigmented or ageing skin.

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