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Antidote Acne Treatment

Preventing Acne and Breakouts


    • Fast acne relief

    • Penetrates pores for acne-free skin fast

    • Fights acne-causing bacteria

    • Preventing future breakouts & blemishes

    • Healing powers

    • Regenerative properties

    • For all skin types


Combat pesky pimples fast with the Antidote, an all-natural, fast-acting acne treatment that also works to help improve the appearance of blemishes. Antidote Acne Treatment assists in the management of mild to moderate acne.

List of Ingredients
Organic Witchhazel, Propolis Extract, Purified Water, Tea Tree Oil, Kaolin Clay, Sage Extract, Green Tea, Coconut Oil Neroli Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil
*Certified Organic Ingredient **Natural constituent of essential oil listed
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How to Use

Cleanse the application area thoroughly before applying. Apply a thin layer to the affected area 1-3 times daily. For best results, use 1 to 3 times a day. If slight peeling or dryness occurs reduce application to once daily. All our products must be tested for skin sensitivity and allergies. We do not test on animals.


Our products are made from raw ingredients that are organically produced. Ingredients may vary from season to season depending on environmental conditions. These changes can slightly affect the color, Fragrance & consistency of our products from batch to batch. This is because we use only unrefined oils and unbleached waxes and butter. The quality of the product is in no way compromised. To take good care of your purchase, please keep it stored in a cool and dark place.

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