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Awaken Body Scrub

Scrubs, Softens and Conditions

200 gms

  • Anti Oxidant & Multi Vitamin Formula
  • Hand Blended All Natural Scrub
  • With Minerals and Essential Oils
  • Scrubs, Softens and Conditions



Infused with Sea Salts, Oats and Lime Juice, let our AWAKEN BODY SCRUB cleanse away the week. With rich, silky Avocado butter, Jasmine tea, Coffee, Fresh Grapefruit, Coconut oil and Seaweed help to smoothen and condition your skin leaving you refreshed, inside out. Sea salt, rich in minerals is excellent for scrubbing away any dead skin. Coconut, grapefruit and Lime brighten up the skin and work with essential oils such as Geranium and Lavender to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

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19 Ingredients

List of Ingredients

Fine Sea Salt ,Fresh Grapefruit Infusion, Fresh organic Lime , Green Tea extract, Oats, Shea butter , Coconut oil ,Avocado oil, Almond oil , Grapeseed oil , Apricot Kernel oil, and Essential Oils ( Lavender , Orange , Lemon, Tea tree, Cardimom extract, Star seed, Geranium, Rose)

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How to Use

Apply to dry or wet skin for a cleansing first time scrub and rub all over in a circular motion. For a more gentle buff, use on damp skin. Rinse with water. All our products must be tested for skin sensitivity and allergies. We do not test on animals.