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Brilliance Shampoo + Hair Mask Free Roots Hair Oil

Volumizing Color Protect RESTORATIVE & REPAIRING Hair Growth Signature Oil Blend



Looking for squeaky clean hair full of volume while protecting your color. This mineral rich sea salt shampoo does just that. Get your hair shiny and strong with this amazing volumizing shampoo. Massage this mineral-rich sea salt shampoo for clean hair that is full of volume. Sometimes your hair needs a instant pick me up treatment to give back life and shine to dead and dull locks. This soothing and refreshing hair mask rescue your hair by giving it instant vitality and smoothness it deserves by penetrating the hair shaft and softening and strengthening your hair from within with natural extracts. Do away with hair fall, dandruff and other hair diseases. Made from organic, cold pressed oils and herbal ingredients this careful selection of essential oils and plant extract balances hair natural PH level that provides an ideal environment for hair to grow quickly and healthy.

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