Aromatherapist, facialist and natural beauty expert, Mana , shares her approach to skin and hair health

I  believe that connecting and spending time in nature, listening to music and meditating  ten to fifteen minutes in the morning can do wonders for your general well being that results in good skin and hair health.

Sleep is also your best friend when it comes to skin health as our skin detoxifies and acquires what it needs from the body in order to regenerate. This is more effective when we get at least six to eight hours of undisturbed sleep. I always love to meditate before I fall asleep slowing down the thoughts and stresses of the day in bed doing a 10-minute meditation before I fall asleep. My skin health suffers I get dry and dull complexion with fine lines If if I do not get enough sleep for more than couple of days.

All food is healthy if eaten sensibly you do not need super food.. I enjoy a varied diet including fruit, seasonal vegetables meat of fresh, good-quality produce that includes plenty of fatty acids and lots of My favorite skin foods are pumpkin seeds , leafy salad, fruits and lots of water and food cooked in apricot or olive oil.

As a daily beauty routine I put sea salt in the bath to soften the water and release radiation from the body, I use my awaken body scrub twice a week directly onto wet skin and apply either my oil blend or clarity cream to soften my skin.

For my hair routine I use my sweet orange conditioning treatment on dry ends of the hair and gently massage the lavender and rosemary oil blend onto my scalp before washing it ith seet orange and rosemary shampoo. But on daily basis I was my hair and follow it with shine so bright hair serum for the end

My favorite beauty product is my Bliss balm as it comes to rescue whenever I am suffering from dehydrated or dull skin the rose lavender geranium calms and soothes my nerves and its silky texture melts into the skin. I use it to cleanse daily and often leave it overnight mask for when my skin needs extra nourishment.

For first-aid needs I keep lavender essential oil tea tree oil and neroli in my washroom and I sometimes mix coconut oil lemon and a few drops of tea tree oil to give me a really clean feeling in my mouth or simply put a drop of these on my toothpaste.

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