Essential five steps to a glorious skin


Cleans your face first thing in the morning and before going to bed to ensure a healthy skin A good cleanser will dissolve and pull out dirt and make-up, let your pores breathe, and set up your skin up for moisture absorption.

Mana's cleansing bliss balm is a perfect formulation made up of natural butters and cold pressed oils with lavender geranium and apricot oil to keep skin clean and comfortable while balancing the skins natural ph balance. Suitable for all skin types even acne prone skin.

Tip: Always keep your cleanser on your sink as a reminder and ease.


Exfoliates work to remove dead skin cells, also prepares skin for better product absorption and brightens skin. Mana recommends a balanced ingredients a mix of oats and seasalts to exfoliate tough yet soft to give you the best results without harm.

Tip do not use chemical laden exfoliates they are not good for skin in the long term and are terrible for the environment there are effective natural alternatives that works twice as effectively and helps exfoliate without stripping your skin of natural balance.


Toning re-balances your skin’s pH levels closes pores and remove any dust residue and takes out any impurities from your skin.

Always match the product to match your skin type. Mana's bliss balm is an all in one cleanser and toner for most skin types.

Tip: Look for chemical free and alcohol free toner. Alcohol-based toner would clean well and would tighten pores, but can be very harmful to the skin in the long term, as it causes undue dryness and free-radical damage. The gentle plant-based formulas like bliss balm with geranium balances the sebum and ph level along with aloe vera to sooth and calm any skin type.


Always nourish your skin with additional treatments like face masks for extra hydration and cell regeneration with a night serum for intense results a daily moisturizer with antioxidant to maintain skin suppleness whilst toning. to super-charge the hydrating effects of a moisturizer. We recommend forever young night serum for extra cellular repair and regeneration. It uses hydroponic acid to draw moisture into the skin, yet is lightweight so won’t clog those pores.

Tip: Give few minutes for the product to work for maximum results. To utilize time effectively, try brushing your teeth. Close your eyes and meditate or listen to music and by that time your skin will be well prepped for the next step.


Moisturizers available in the market now are all offering to turn back the clock giving you younger and plummer skin is astounding.

A moisturizer for a day wear must come with a with SPF. One of the biggest damage apart from pollution and poor diet is Sun exposure which contributes to skin damage and premature ageing, so look out for products that offer broad-spectrum, high-factor UVA and UVB protection.For night, returning moisture back into your skin is key. Most of skin repair and renewal is carried out by your body while you’re sleeping, so choose a product like forever young night serum that offer high levels of active ingredients.

Top extend your moisturizing routine to your neck and decolletage and under eye area.The skin in these areas is delicate and needs nourishment and protection too.

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