In eastern medicine, the cosmetic signs of aging and physical health symptoms are not haphazard or coincidental. They are one and the same and can be traced to a deeper underlying condition.and they represent the physical emotional and spiritual imbalances that prevents us from looking good, feeling healthy and energetic. We refer to that energy often as Qi, This is powerful form of energy that travels throughout the body,through meridians. Qi can be described as flow of electricity that would light up a room if flowing properly and meridians are the channels or wire that assist to make it possible.we get dead dull skin and outlook because of the disfunction of this energy.

To clear the pathways and recharging that energy level in a person is a real challenge thats where mana comes into unfolding the true nature of the problem and focuses and designs her Acupoint therapy to re-channel and balance the Qi energy.

Yoga, acupuncture, acu pressure points on your face hands and feet are linked to each organ within your body and face-map helps to determine the area of concern and how to fix it. Eg if you have wrinkles on your forehead mana would get into finding out what organ is causing the relevant problem and ease it with acu pressure points with immediate results.

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